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Order your meal online! Pizza, kebab, fast food, diet, chicken, tandoori, tikka, masala, vegetarian and all kinds of food from 55+ restaurants in Vizag! Find actual menus and special offers from various restaurants, choose dishes and order Cash on delivery MEALONCALL Mobile App install here.



  •    Can I order food from the hotel not listed on the website?

    Yes you can place order from the hotel not listed on the website but be sure that the hotel is within the mealoncall's service limits and please ensure that you exactly know what you want to order along with its price. We only order and deliver the food in this case.

  •    How do I make payments for the food that I order?

    The food that you order will be delivered to your address along with the invoice. This invoice would include the delivery charge already communicated to you by call. You can pay the amount invoiced directly to the delivery boy. We ensure that the food price charged will be the price on the hotel menu and no extra.

  •    What address should I use for placing orders? Can it be my office/lab address?

    The address that you mention has to be the place where you want the delivery. The address can be stored with us (if you are registered) and can be used later when you want to order again.

  •    Is there a guaranteed delivery time?

    MealonCall is only Ordering and delivery service provider. We try our best to deliver the food quickly soon after the hotel keeps it ready. It would also depend on the weather, traffic, the kind of dish ordered etc. Please note that it's the restaurant that Cook and Packs.

  •    What do I do in case there is some problem with my order?

    Please mail us at support@mealoncall.in or call us at 6666 566. Our Customer relationship associates will assist you with any problems or doubts.

  •    Do I need to tip the delivery boys?

    No, you do not need to tip the delivery boys.

  •    How do I cancel an order?

    You cannot cancel an order for which the restaurant has started processing. In case the restaurant has not started processing the order, we can get the order cancelled. Please mail us at support@mealoncall.in or call us at 6666 566 to check the status of your order.

  •    Why is the phone number mandatory?

    Phone number is mandatory for us to call you in case the restaurants require any clarification on your order or address. Also, in case something that you have ordered is not available or if the order is going to be delayed for some unavoidable circumstances, we can let you know over the phone. Please provide us with a number where you would be easily available (preferably your mobile number).

  •    I can‘t find my restaurant...

    If you cannot find your restaurant in our list, that restaurant might not be listed with us. You can use our blank order form to place such orders or mail us and we will try to bring the restaurant with us, you could also apprise them of our service.

  •    What are the advantages of registering with MealonCall orders?

    There are many advantages of being a registered user. To list a few of them: Every time an order is placed you earn reward points. These reward points can earn your cash discounts on your future orders. We are one source for all your food home deliveries from any hotel. You can order your favorite food from one or multiple hotels in the city. We have very friendly and dedicated support staff to take your orders and also You can save your address for delivery to enable faster ordering the next time. Features like One click ordering and saving of favorite restaurants require you to be signed in. There are many more advantages... register with us and discover them.

  •    What are your office hours?

    Our helpline number is accessible from 11:00am to 10:00pm 7 days a week, 365 days a year

  •    How do I start ordering from my favorite restaurant?

    Please follow these simple steps to order online: Search for the restaurant you want to order from by using any of the methods mentioned above. Click on "order food" button on the search results page or the restaurant details page. Enter the quantity against the items you would like to order and click on the + sign. Once you are done selecting the dishes click on "order this" button. Wait us our support staff to confirm your order and just wait for your yummy food to arrive!

  •     I dont have access to the internet. Can I still use your services?

    Yes, we do offer phone support - you can call our foodie agents at 66 66 566. Although we can process your request more efficiently if you order online, we do understand that you might not always be connected to the internet and are happy to provide this phone support.


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